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About Us

“GeoInstrumenti” LLC was founded in 2015 and has been a leading importer of all kinds of measuring equipment in Georgia since then.

The company is constantly looking for producers working in this field and trying to bring them to the Georgian market.

The company’s priority is not only to sell the above equipment, but also to provide buyers with a pre-qualified consulting experience with the client and a range of models to select the model that best suits the client’s needs.

The company provides constant technical support and service to all models sold by it.

On certain models, the factory, with the consent of the manufacturer, gives up to 2 years warranty, which is unprecedented in Georgia.

The company conducts theoretical and practical training on all sold models free of charge and, if necessary, assists clients in incorporating the purchased hardware into the CORS operating network.

Company employees are permanently trained in equipment manufacturing companies and participate in conferences and exhibitions worldwide.

The company constantly strives to expand the model range, but at the same time strives to maintain the best value for money, which positively impacts on customer goodwill.

Over the years, the company has received extensive support and favor from Georgian Government Agencies, commercial organizations and private surveyors.

Today, the company is the undisputed leader among other companies in the Georgian market.

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