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your strong assistant for gentle work. It’s only 10cm high, but able to measure distance up to 60m.
It’s equipped with all basic functions, such as, addition and subtraction, area and volume calculation, Pythagoras, Min/Max tracking.
Integrated bubble level helps to get correct measurements and calculations.
Thanks to the silicone keypad and ergonomic softgrip case, SMART 60 proves dirability and handiness.
Standard package: laser distance meter, pouch with a hand strap, batteries, user manual.

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XP3 Green is a professional laser distance meter designed for both outdoor and indoor applications. CONDTROL XP3 Green has a large set of calculating functions, a bright display and built-in Bluetooth, which allows to work with the CONDTROL Smart Measure application.
Point-to-Point function is a distinctive feature of the laser distance meter CONDTROL XP3 Green, which allows to measure distance between two arbitrary points in space. This feature is achieved thanks to the integrated 3D accelerometer. By just two measurements, the user can determine the length of the segment, even if this segment passes through buildings or obstacles (wall, trees, fence, etc.)
Transfer of measurements via bluetooth Measurement results made by XP3 Green can be transferred to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Just download free application CONDTROL Smart Measure. The application allows you to: store an unlimited number of measurements in the smartphone’s memory, take pictures of objects, rooms, decor, furniture and mark dimensions on them, make notes, comments, draw room plans with a dimensional grid, save and export files.
Built-in tilt sensor Thanks to bullt-in tilt sensor, laser distance meter can calculate the horizontal and vertical distance by just one measurement. For example, when it is necessary to measure distance to hard-to-reach objects while geodetic and construction works.
Accumulator battery Batteries of XP3 Green are charged using USB cable included in the delivery package, in the same way as charging a cell phone. Optionally, NiMH rechargeable batteries included in the delivery package can be replaced with regular alkaline batteries.
Condtrol XP3 Green is equipped with a green laser, which is much brighter and better visible even in bright sunlight.
Standard package: meter, micro-USB cable, strap, pouch, user manual, color box.

Brochure XP3 Green


XP3 is a pioneer in a professional distance meter family designed by CONDTROL.
It features extended working range with good outdoor performance, tilt sensor, tripod thread, dust and water protection IP54 at affordable price.
RICH FUNCTIONALITY Apart from standard functions, XP3 laser meter has extended features such as tilt angle measurement, wall surface, triangle and trapezium area calculation, virtual vial function, multifunctional flip-out endpiece for measuring from edges, corners and hard-to-reach areas.
COLOR LCD A large color LC-display is easy-to-read and ensures good visibility in unfavorable lighting conditions.
RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES Laser distance meter XP3 is equipped with Ni-mH rechargeable batteries with USB plug, so, you can work longer and charge it anywhere.
BLUETOOTH Laser distance meter XP3 Pro version features integrated Bluetooth technology that allows comfortable transfer to a PC. Moreover, a free application for smartphones and pocket PCs enables user to draw floor plans, calculate area and volume or embed dimensions in photos.
►LDM Studio- free PC communication program.
Package includes: distance meter, batteries, user manual, packed in color box.

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EASY TARGETING XP4 is a first professional distance meter with digital camera designed by CONDTROL.
It features an outstanding outdoor performance, dust and water protection IP54 at affordable price.
USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE There is no menu full of icons in XP4, where you must choose one of tens functions. We structured all necessary functions in order to get access to any of them just by a few clicks on appropriate button.
TILT SENSOR XP4 is equipped with tilt sensor for angle calculation and indirect distance measurement,
LDM Studio– free PC communication program.
Package includes: XP4 CONDTROL, batteries, user manual, packed in color box.

Brochure XP4 Pro

Stonex M1

Handheld Laser distance meter easy to use
Stonex M1 is a small and very easy to use Bluetooth Laser Distance meter.
The aluminium alloy housing makes Stonex M1 resistant to the harshest jobsite condition. Thanks to the adaptive 1.4 inches B&W display readings during day and night become easy and friendly.
Never ending work with the long life lithium battery. M1 can communicate with Stonex Cube-a and other software with the built in Bluetooth module making the work more efficient and effective.

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CONDTROL Vector 1500

New generation of rangefinders with 6x zoom become even more compact and affordable.
Easy-to-use  – This compact and lightweight meter operates just by 2 buttons. It is particularly easy to handle.
Tilt sensor – Vector 1500 equipped with tilt sensor, it allows to measure angle and calculate horizontal and vertical distances by just one measurement.
Applications – Vector series is perfect for road construction, telecom networks, data collection, landscaping, land management, natural resources management and forestry.
Standard package: meter, pouch, hand strap, 2xAAA batteries, user manual, color box.

Brochure Vector 1500